Our Purpose

OrangeWorkforce is the optimum way of using the RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA are software bots that can be trained to automate tasks that are normally mundane and repetitive to humans. OrangeWorkforce is a digital work force that has minimal to zero human interaction. It is a collection of RPA bots that imitate the human workforce and become a part of the company's workforce digitally. OrangeWorkforce can venture into any industry, all the user needs to do is train the bots.

Main components of OrangeWorkforce

The key components that make OrangeWorkforce special.

Job Studio Designer

User can create their own task for the bot or using the job template that is on the OrangeWorkforce RPA web.


OrangeBots can work for 24 hours per day nonstop, based what schedule user create for them.

Control Center

The bots task will be store in the OrangeCloud, which can be monitor through the control center.


User can monitor all the bots real time status on OrangeWorkforce RPA web on the go by using OrangeMobile mobile application.

OrangeWorkforce product

Our OrangeWorkforce consists of these amazing features

OrangeBots (The Robot)

Software Robot that actually does the work for OrangeAI and OrangeVision.

OrangeVision (The Eyes)

OrangeBots can mimic the human eyes to look for contents. It can differentiate between the info receive and collect.

OrangeAI (The Brain)

The OrangeAI is the brain of the OrangeWorkforce.​ It is in charge of the Orangebots awareness and decision making.


Connecting the OrangeBots with IoT (Internet of Things).


Doing physical task using Digital Workforce.

Why we believe we’re the best RPA solution provider

Self Recovery

OrangeBots is capable of doing a self recovery, such as Auto Restart.

Mobile Monitoring

OrangeBots activity & status can be monitor by using OrangeMobile in real time.

Hive Maintenance

OrangeBots will conduct hard disk housekeeping to keep their productivity on optimum. It also divide the task among them.

Load Sharing

OrangeBots will share the work load with each other which in the same workgroup.

Self Aware

OrangeBots is aware of themselves. They know the capacity of their network,CPU and memory.


OrangeBots will be monitor and support by OrangeWorkforce Manager via OrangeCloud.