Welcome to OrangeFIN Academy

In OrangeFIN Academy, we provide courses for anyone who interest to know more about OrangeWorkforce Robotic Processing Automation.

What OrangeFIN Academy deliver.

OrangeFIN Academy is a centre focusing on teaching and training for professionals who want to improve skills to meet end-to-end business processes using RPA.

Key Learning Outcome

Further understanding of fundamental robotic automation concepts.

Be able to create and customize the actions of robots depending on the business flow of customers.

Acquire the ability to apply error and exception handling.

Generating automated reports via executive dashboards.

OrangeWorkforce - Fundamentals in Training your Bot

Day 1 Syllabus (Course code : RPA OWF101)

Chapter 1: Introduction to OrangeWorkforce

Topics cover

  • What is OrangeWorkforce

  • Concept of OrangeWorkforce

  • Digital Workforce and Logical Software

  • OrangeWorkforce Speciality

Chapter 2: Walkthrough OrangeWorkforce Web Application

Topics cover

  • Provide the explanation regarding all main functions available in Web Application

  • How to maintain Email and Authentication configuration

  • Sneak Peak of Action Library available in Job Designer Document page

  • Example of existing script available in Job Template

Chapter 3: Robot Configuration: Provide the steps and how OrangeWorkforce works

Topics cover

  • Creating Your Own Business Job

    • - In this topic, you will become proficient in building script from scratch or import existing script from job template page.
    • - There are more than 100 functions in Action Library available to use during scripting process.
    • - You will acquire skill to customize your process flow as you building up your own script.
    • - You get to turn on the Debug Mode to do debugging while do scripting.
  • Schedule Job

    • - You will learn assign published job to your bots.
    • - This topic will show you on how to manage the jobs queue for all published job and run the selected bot to execute the tasks.
  • Bot Monitoring

    • - You will explore and gain understanding regarding activities done by bots, jobs history and many more.

Chapter 4: Tutorial Session Part 1

Level: Beginner and Intermediate

  • Use Case 1: PDF Text Extraction

    • - Read PDF and convert to text based on field name using PDF Command. Save the text to excel using Excel Command.
  • Use Case 2: PDF Text Extraction using OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

    • - Read PDF and convert to text based on the coordination of value in the PDF using OCR Command. Save the text to excel using Excel Command.
  • Use Case 3: Report Reconsolidation

    • - To recon information retrieved from 2 or more sources. This use case will show you how robot do comparison using Control Structure to compare 2 string.
  • Use Case 4: Read Unread Email and Download Attachment

    • - By using Email Command to read unread email and download attachment based on email subject set in the script. You will learn on how to use email address and information set in Maintenance page for robot to read the email.

OrangeWorkforce - Fundamentals in Training your Bot

Day 2 Syllabus (Course code : RPA OWF101)

Chapter 5: Business Dashboard

Topics cover

  • Creating Your Own Business Dashboard

    • - You will learn the idea of Business Dashboard and acquire skill to manage and display information retrieved in the script.
    • - Our Business Dashboard is user friendly and customizable to meet the specific needs of a department and company.

Chapter 6: OrangeMobile Application

Topics cover

  • Monitor Job successfully executed by robot in OrangeMobile

  • Received notification based on event and activity of robots

Chapter 7: Tutorial Session Part 2

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

  • Use Case 5: Login and Access Website

    • - This use case will teach you on how to access to system or website. If the system is web based (eg: browse using Google Chrome or IE), you will learn to automate the clicking button and fill in form by using web element such as ID, XPath, Attribute which are available in our Web Browser Command.
  • Use Case 6: Custom/Exception Case Handling

    • - Custom Handler function will works wonder to handle unexpected error and you can explore more to custom handling few scenario based on your situation.
  • Use Case 7: Remote Desktop Connection

    • - By using few commands in Action Library, you will learn to configure your robot to use remote desktop to connect certain PC without human interaction.